Lens Luxation DNA Test Now Available!

A DNA mutation responsible for the development of Lens Luxation has been identified by team of researchers led by Dr. Gary Johnson and Dr. Elizabeth Giuliano at the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine. A simple DNA test is now available that can determine if a dog is Normal, a Carrier, or is Affected/At Risk. When this information is used in making breeding decisions, it can have a tremendous effect on reducing the incidence of this disease in Sealyham Terriers. For more detailed information on the discovery and what testing is currently available, visit this link: https://cvm.missouri.edu/research/canine-genetic-disease-network/glx-glaucoma-lens-luxation/.

For your convienience, here is a brief overview of the testing that is available:

  • Owners who had submitted samples to the University of Missouri for research prior to Sept 1, 2009 may request test results for their dogs using this Test Request Form for existing samples. These requests will be accepted now at a cost as low as $35.
  • Dogs that have been diagnosed with Lens Luxation are eligible for a free Primary Lens Luxation (PLL) test. For more information on submitting a sample for this test, please go to http://www.caninegeneticdiseases.net/GLX/formsGLX.htm.
  • Dogs that have not submitted samples to the University of Missouri can order the test through OFA at a cost of $65. For more information, visit the OFA web site at https://ofa.org/primary-lens-luxation/.
  • The Sealyham Terrier Club of America truly hopes that all Sealy owners will have take advantage of this major breakthrough and have the Lens Luxation DNA test done on their dogs.

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