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Welcome to our new Health Information web pages, on the website!

We've created these pages as the "go-to" place for health care information specific to Sealyham Terriers. You'll find many of the great articles written by Leslie Manis and published in the Barks, as well as articles by veterinarians and researchers.

We've also included several articles on lens luxation in Sealyhams, and information about the new DNA test for lens luxation.

We will continue to add more information and resources on an ongoing basis. Please let us know what additional information you'd like to see in the Health Information Central! This is a resource for owners, breeders, and fanciers of our breed, and our goal is to make it as complete and helpful as possible.

Sandy Schneider
Leslie Manis, ASTC Health/Genetics Chairman
American Sealyham Terrier Club, Inc.


NOTE: These articles are intended for basic informational use by individuals and are not a substitute for veterinary or other professional information sources. The ASTC takes no responsibility for the accuracy or timeliness of the information in this library. Webmasters may create links to any of the articles with appropriate attribution to the author and the ASTC.

Lens Luxation Information

The following articles discuss various aspects of Lens Luxation in Sealyham Terriers.

  • SYMPTOMS AND DESCRIPTION OF LENS LUXATION:      A brief overview of symptoms.    
  • Reproduction, Genetics & Breeding

    The following articles cover issues of genetics & breeding in Sealyham Terriers.

  • BREEDING GUIDELINES USING PLL DNA TEST:      Guidelines by George G. Packard, GDC, for making breeding decisions with the DNA test.
  • POPULAR SIRE SYNDROME:      An article by Dr. Jerold S. Bell, DVM, on overbreeding of popular sires.    
  • MAINTAINING GENETIC DIVERSITY IN SMALL POPULATIONS:      An article by Dr. Jerold S. Bell, DVM, on strategies for maintaining genetic diversity.    
  • MAXIMIZING CONCEPTION RATES:      A presentation to the ASTC by Dr. Robert Hutchinson.    
  • CONGENITAL DEAFNESS:      An overview of congenital (inherited) deafness in dogs, including Sealys, by Dr. George M.Strain.   
  • DEGENERATIVE MYELOPATHY:      Review of symptoms, modes of inheritance, and the DNA test.    
  • CANCER & GENOMICS:      A brief intro to Genomics, the study of interactions among genes.    
  • Health Articles from "The Barks"

    Many of these articles were written by Leslie Manis, ASTC Health Chairman, and have been published in "The Barks".

  • DANGEROUS FOODS:      Symptoms and treatments for poisoning by common foods like chocolate and raisins.    
  • DOGNITION EVALUATION:      See how your dog views the world.    
  • DRY EYE SYNDROME:      Causes, symptoms and treatment of Dry Eye.    
  • EAR INFECTIONS:      Causes, symptoms and treatment of Ear Infections.    
  • INSECT BITES & STINGS:      This article includes information on symptoms and treatments.    
  • HEARTWORM:      This article includes information on symptoms,treatments and medications.    
  • HOT SPOTS:     A discussion of the causes and treatment of hot spots.   
  • FLEAS:    A comparative review of many of the flea repellent products on the market.    
  • SALMONELLA:     A discussion of Salmonella poisoning in dogs.    
  • STEM CELL THERAPY:     Recent developments in stem cell therapy as applied to dogs.    
  • DEMODECTIC MANGE:    Symptoms and treatment for demodectic mange.    
  • CANINE HERPESVIRUS :     A detailed discussion of current knowledge about canine herpesvirus.    
  • CANINE INVERTEBRAL DISEASE :     A detailed discussion causes and symptoms.    
  • VACCINATION STUDIES :   Recent knowledge about safety and effectiveness of vaccinations.    
  • STEROID RESPONSIVE MENINGITIS (DSRM) :   Sealys have been diagnosed with DRSM; symptoms and treatment.    

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